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Roman Coins and Their Values. Volume III

Roman Coins and Their Values. Volume III Millennium Edition (in four volumes)
by David R. Sear
Volume III: The Third Century Crisis and Recovery

The third volume of the fully revised and expanded general catalogue of Roman coins extends coverage of the Imperial series from the accession of Maximinus I in AD 235 down to the assassination of Carinus and the accession of Diocletian half a century later. This turbulent period, during which the Empire came close to total collapse and disintegration, witnessed great changes in the Imperial coinage including unprecedented debasement and the beginning of the decentralization of the mint system. The introductory articles are again included in this volume and, as with Volumes I and II, the Imperial biographies have been entirely rewritten and enlarged. There has been a major expansion of the catalogue listings and special emphasis has been placed on the place of mintage and precise date of issue of each catalogue entry, making this book a far more valuable source of information than previous editions (or any other general work on the subject). The extensive 3rd century coinage of Roman Egypt, struck at Alexandria, is also covered comprehensively in continuation of the format established in the two previous volumes of the Millennium Edition. The number and quality of the illustrations incorporated in the text has been increased to over 900 out of a total listing of more than 4,000 types.

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